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Weekend Update & a look ahead

Well I'm happy to say that after the unfortunate flooding incident that our downstairs bathroom has finally seemed to dry out and the good news is the ceiling didn't collapse! Like I said, we will have to repaint it though. And much to our dismay, Ruben was unable to replace the upstairs toilet yet. The $250 toilet he bought didn't come with a toilet seat, and he has to make some kind of adjustments as this one is taller than the previous one. He should get his needed parts today and hopefully wrap it up. Looking ahead at the calendar, I see this month will be a crazy one. Lexie goes to the Groomer's on the 4th, I have a Dr. appointment on the 5th, Natalie starts Spring Break on the 6th and is off school through the following 13th. We still need to get an appointment to have our taxes done, Lexie needs a vet appointment for shots. I need to find a boarding facility for her that I like. And we still have more stuff we need to buy before leaving for Disney on the 28th. This month is going to fly right buy. In a blink of an eye Disney will have come and gone, Natalie will be out of school (May 23rd), and summer will be here.
I have a feeling that it will be so hot here this summer, I will have to sell my blood to afford my A/C bills. Maybe we'll get lucky and the neighbor who is installing a pool will let us use it too. Just wishful thinking. = )

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