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Back to School!

Ugh! Today spring vacay is over, and it was back to waking up at 6:30 for Nat and I. Oh how we loved sleeping in late - or at least I did. She loved running around in her swim suit playing with her friends all day. It is so nice to see her this happy, and to know our community is so safe. We have some really terrific neighbors. The kind I wish we would have found years ago. Arleen and her husband Renee are awesome. It seems their house is one of the regular hang outs for the kids, and it's no surprise. Mr. Renee makes the kids burgers and real french fries to eat. I also like the fact that when Natalie is done playing with Abby, and it's dark, that they will have their oldest son Jacob walk her home (even though we're right around the corner - you never can be too safe!) Natalie has managed to find lots of kids her age to play with, and I'm finally learning to let go. I mean really, how far can she go with the street behind ours being a dead end in both directions? This being where most of her friends live - she knows Jason, Abby, Bo, Nick, Heather, Paige, Reagan, Drew, Brennan and Colin. Everyday as soon as she walks in from school she is already asking to go out and play. I can just imagine what summer will be like. Heck, just from this past week, she has gotten such a tan! She practically makes me glow in the dark. And while Natalie knows all these kids, we have managed to meet a few parents. Mainly just the ones living closest to us - Tony & Tammy, Craig & Nina, and Arleen & Renee, but so far we've only really talked to Arleen & Renee, mostly because we went to their daughter Abby's birthday party.
So we're down to only 12 more days till we leave for Disney World. I can't believe just how fast time has flown by! I haven't managed to lose anymore than the 14 lbs. Damn menopause! Actually I've been eating more than usual and not taking the diet pills the last week while on spring break. Oh well! So now I just have to see what all I can get accomplished in 12 days. Lexie goes to the vet tomorrow for shots so she can go into the kennel on the 28th. It's going to break my heart to leave her, but I know the place we are taking her to will take real good care of her and she will be kept indoors. Somehow I need to find the time to get my license renewed before we leave. I have been driving around on an expired license since January. I couldn't renew it because I couldn't find my birth certificate, and I couldn't order a new one without it being a pain in my ass cause I needed my marriage licences and divorce decree, and I couldn't find those either. But now I have everything I need. Ruben thinks that they are going to make me take tests all over again (which has been years since I've done) because I let it lapse, but there's nothing I can do about it. Let's just hope I pass, if they do!
Oh, yeah, and I didn't forget about answering the question......
There's a lot of stuff I've done when I was young and stupid, I'm not proud of it, nor ashamed of it. It's part of who I am. But eventually I grew up, got wise and stopped fooling around with drugs. Honestly, when I think about it, I'm surprised I wasn't chunkier then for all the pot I smoked - because this is really backwards. I was skinny then, and I'm fat now. Sometimes, Life is just not fair. But anyway, no there is no drug I would ever go back to doing. My family, my daughter, means too much to me to lose them, and that is exactly what would happen if I were to ever touch drugs again, and it's just not worth it.

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Deb said...

never could get into the made me too paranoid...I do remember Mom rolling a joint with a cigarette filter on it when she visited me in San Deigo...later she denied it ever I wonder with all my anxiety and panic attacks if the paranoia was an early warning!