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Finally America gave Sanjaya the boot, thank goodness. I have no idea how he lasted this long, as that boy has no talent at all - all I know is I figured out he sucked ass the first week, and I am tone deaf, and cannot hear in one ear! But thankfully his days on AI is gone. Oh how I loved seeing the little bitch boy cry when he got the boot!

Also, with just over a week left before we leave for Disney World, I've managed to lose another 3 lbs. this week. 17 lbs. overall is not bad considering I really didn't put any effort into it. I'd still like to lose another 10 or more, but for now at least my pants fit better!

Have you ever heard of the magazine Radar? Supposedly it's been around for 50 years, but I've never seen or heard of it before, and I'm an avid magazine reader. A few weeks back I spotted a copy when we were at Barnes & Noble (or Borders, I forget which!) and judging from the cover, it looked like my type of 'zine, so I purchased it. Actually, I guess the fact that Colin Farrell was on the cover was the determining factor! He is soooooo hot. He's definitely one that is on my list of 5! I even have to admit that early last year (I think) when the story broke about Colin's leaked sex tape, I had to download it from the web before the court ordered it blocked. I must say that I do indeed agree that all those rumors swirling around about him and his man-hammer are true. LOL. Anyway, back to the magazine.....I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this article on Toxic Bachelors. Check it out because I think you will too. Here is the excerpt on Colin:


Age: 30

Occupation: Actor

Notable Assets: Gaelic brogue; smoldering gaze; Marlboro breath
Farrell burst onto the scene as one of the hardest-partying bad boys to hit Hollywood since Jack himself: smoking, drinking, cursing, trashing, and screwing anything he could focus on long enough before passing out. Since his arrival stateside, he's worked his way through the young and trashy set, from Paris to Britney to Lindsay, and a battery of models, including one who bore him a son. As he told W magazine, "When I come to town I [bleep] everything I can." On the set of Alexander, Farrell—or "Cock-Out Colin" as he was affectionately known—famously showed Rosario Dawson the trailer door when pouty-lipped sex priestess Angelina Jolie turned up hungry for fresh meat. Yet for all his dirty deeds, he comes off like a teddy bear. On his sex tape with Playmate Nicole Narain, for example, Farrell describes her vagina as a "beautiful little flower" and lays on the Irish sweet-talk: "If a fucking camera could blush it would be fucking red because you are so fucking pretty." Due to archaic bylaws, the performance cannot be considered by the Academy.

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