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Happy Easter

Well I suppose first and foremost I should say Happy Easter, although it's just another day around here. We've had a major drop in temperatures over the last few days and it is downright chilly outside. Due to that, there was no egg hunt, BBQ, yardwork, or even sun for that matter! In fact we have the heat on again. Gotta love Louisiana with the A/C one day and Heat the next!
On a sad note, today is the 4th anniversary of the day we lost Ruben's dad to lung cancer. I don't think today has been easy on Ruben by any means. He has worked hard today (and yesterday) with pre-occupying himself by installing new ceiling fans....8 total!
We also spent Friday out shopping to buy a new grill - I think I killed ours when I moved it and the propane tank fell off, cause the next night when we went to use it, there where flames coming out from the bottom of it. I must have damaged one of the propane pipes. Aside from a new grill, we also had to buy a new weed eater, edger, and blower. We bought one of those Cub Cadet ones from Home Depot that has the rapid release (on the weed eater) so you can change the bottom attachment to something else like an edger or blower. Our yard is so huge we really do need something to make things a bit easier and not rely on the use of an extension cord. We also went ahead and purchased new faucets. 4 bath faucets, 3 shower/tub sets, a kitchen faucet and a roman tub faucet. I almost had a heart attack during check out over the $1100 total! Of course we still need to remodel the rest of the baths. We are looking for light fixtures, and so far both Home Depot and Lowes have been no help in the remodel. See, Ruben doesn't know how to remove and replace a tub and shower unit, so we need major assistance. Personally, I do not want to get into it. As this person was telling us, you basically have to cut the tub out of the wall. I do not want to see what is behind there! I have no desire to see the innards of my house - god only knows what might be in there or come crawling out from such holes! I'd rather hire someone, that is IF we can find someone! We also need/want the vanity countertops in each bath replaced. Ruben is slowly working on the toilets now, although he still DOES NOT have Natalie's toilet functioning. We can't seem to find a long enough hose to connect the toilet to the water supply. I told you this toilet was much taller than the previous one! So much aggravation! I hate home repairs & DIY sometimes!
But on a good note, today is the day I have waited like 18 months for....The Soprano's returns. Man am I ready for some serious whacking. This is the final season, so they're all going down in a blaze of gunfire. I'm also excited about the return of Entourage. I just love HBO. Once again, Sunday is the best night on TV. Which reminds me I have to find this clip I watched yesterday that sums up all 77 hours (thus far) of The Soprano's in 7 minutes. It's awesome. Link to 7 minute Soprano's article. I'll embed the clip later for you all to enjoy!
Almost forgot. We went to Barnes & Noble over the weekend as well. I've been putting off getting this book for quite some time. I first read about it on Jeff's Blog, and it got me interested. Since chemo, I have such a horrible memory that I have been wanting to find something to write down things about myself, family, etc. to leave my daughter when I die. Every since my mom has passed, I have felt like a lost soul. Like a child with no parents, and no home. I don't know half of my family - who they are or where they are, let alone how I'm related to any of them. In the last year, it has become increasingly more important for me to leave behind something for my daughter so that she won't feel the same when I am gone. As it is, she can't meet or learn about my family. I want her to feel grounded, rooted. The only real tie I feel left is that with my sister. My mom's passing has brought us closer than ever before. We feel a bond that will never exist with my other family members, because for one, I have a brother I will never speak to again. We have made a commitment to one another that not only will we always be there for each other, but that we will always be there for our other brother Billy. It's the ties that bind. But unlike me, my daughter has no siblings, so I worry about what will become of her. In any case, the book is All About Me, and I would like to thank Jeff for recommending this book. I love it. In fact, I am thinking about picking random questions and revealing my inner most secrets.
Case in point.......Under the morals section. A drug you will never try again? I'll answer this on the next post, if I remember to.

Well it's about time for me to prepare for tonight's TV entertainment.

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Hi Angi - remember me from Grand Clover house in Vegas? I've been keeping up with your blogs - am back in LV for eye problem but leaving soon - what is your email address and phone number? Hard for me to type much right now - Linda Cox