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Friday after my horrid day, I spent the night relaxing - enjoying my pizza and beers. I truly think it helped me de-stress a bit. Out of boredom I stumbled upon the premiere of Crusoe. OMFG, I think it's my favorite new shows of the season. It was awesome. The man was truly a genius! If you haven't heard about this new series, I highly recommend checking it out!

Saturday I just lounged around most of the day, sick in bed while Ruben cut the grass and stuff. We went out to dinner afterwards, as it's been a while since we had a nice dinner "out." I had a lobster and for the first time that I can remember, I didn't like it - what a waste of a dinner. I'm not quite sure if I just didn't like the way it had been prepared or if I just lost my taste for it. One of my mom's favorite foods was lobster, so maybe I was sad....though I do think I've had it since her death.

Sunday morning I woke up with the thought that I royally screwed up. Thursday Natalie and I went and got our flu shots and not even thinking, I allowed the nurse to stick my right arm which is a BIG no-no. Since I have no lymph nodes in my right armpit I'm not allowed needle pokes or blood pressure to be done on that arm cause it could lead to serious infection. I'm going to have to call the doctor and ask if I need to follow up with any antibiotics. I can't believe I blanked on it. I guess cause the lady told me that it's better to get the shot in your right arm if your right handed. Damn it's been 3+ years and this is the first time I have made a mistake or forgotten. Hopefully it won't turn into anything serious!

This morning I dropped Ruben off at a rental car place by the airport. He'll be out of town till Thursday, which means he'll be missing tomorrow's Hornets pre-season basketball game. He was supposed to go with the neighbor across the street - he got free tickets from a co-worker, but instead the neighbor will now be going with someone else since it is a school night and not something Natalie and I could do.
I've also started thinking today that I might just go ahead and call my doctor's office and tell them regardless of my test results, that my doctor should just go ahead and get things ready so I can do chemo. I still would rather not do it, but I just don't see that happening - and rather than delay more time, I should just do it and get it over with. Of course we need to take our Christmas photos first....not sure when or where we'll do them at this year, but since I don't want to be bald in them, then I need to figure it out!

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