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The New Fall Schedule

Have any of you other TV addicts noticed there are lots of new shows this fall that are totally kick ass? I'm still thoroughly enjoying my old faves like Chuck, Heroes, Office, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Californication, Entourage, Dexter, My Name is Earl, & CSI - though this may be my last year of watching CSI if William Peterson leaves! My DVRs are so full they can barely handle the load!
On top of those old seasoned favorites, I've also found love in some of the new shows debuting this season like Fringe, The Ex List, & My Own Worst Enemy. I started watching Knight Rider, but it's not as good as I had hoped for and a hot looking man can only keep your attention for so long. The show killer for us was when KITT started regularly "transforming". I mean Transformers is like one of my favorite movies, but this is a totally different concept. Seriously a mustang that can transform into a F-150 while the passengers are still in it.....yeah right! I'm not feeling it, though the lead playing Michael Knight is HOT!
I just caught up on The Ex List and so far I'm really liking it. Good looking guys and the quest for Mr. Right - yeah so it's a "chick show" but that's ok cause I really like the lead character Bella Bloom, who's played by Elizabeth Reaser. She did a season on Grey's Anatomy. Oh, I'm also so stoked to see Christian Slater come to the small screen in My Own Worst Enemy. I'm hoping it won't be a disappointment like Knight Rider is! One night after House, I caught an episode of Fringe and decided I liked it though it is a little out there - it involves J.J. Abrams, who also does Lost, but unlike Lost it doesn't just go on and on without answers. Fringe ultimately has a bigger picture, but each episode is nicely wrapped up - so it doesn't seem like it's dragging on. Joshua Jackson makes for a good lead, and I think I like him better in this role than I would have if he had joined the cast of Grey's as he was rumored to be doing before the Writer's Strike last year.
So far it looks to be a busy season - and I like how some shows aren't coming back till Winter. I hate the off season cause nothing is on to watch, so hopefully this delay will help make the off season not so boring.....though there is so much more we could be doing with our time than watching TV. But here in Louisiana it's too damn hot and humid in the summer to do anything outside, and even now that it has cooled off just a tad, the damn mosquitoes are preventing us from doing much after dusk. Supposedly the found the West Nile Virus in some of the mosquitoes in our area, which is freaken frightening! Ruben and I spent a few minutes outside last week to try to work on the Halloween display and each got a couple dozen bites in that short period of time. What's really bad is the parish sprays twice a week, yet it doesn't seem to be killing them! Speaking of Halloween, I've got to get with Ruben and find out when he's going to finish up the last of the decor. One of the light strands went out, so he's gotta figure out what went wrong. Tomorrow afternoon we have the Saints vs. Raiders game to go to. We're so looking forward to it. I'll post some pix tomorrow from the game. Should be fun!

Oh, by the way.....check out my new widget to the side, the Neopod. It's a trial run thing, so we'll see if it stays, but lemme know if you like it!


Moon Light said...


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Heather said...

Hey girl! I think the new widget is cool! Mosquitos totally suck here. I worry all the time about my kids being bitten. I never let them out in the morning hours or after dark. They are worse during that time. I hate using insect spray on them too because I worry about the chemicals. It's a no win situation!