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Events that make for a bad doctors visit and day.

  • Your favorite leather wallet broke cause you have too much crap in it.

  • Your new watch broke after only a few months.

  • You find out that you had/have two different cancers.

  • You find out your current cancer is not a recurrence, but rather a SECONDARY occurrence.

  • The doctor wants to run some tests on 3+ year old samples that your insurance may not cover.

  • You doctor decides to do a BRCA I and II gene mutation test to see if you're a carrier that ultimately may affect your child's life and future.

  • While performing said test, the nurse has to poke you twice and fish for your collapsing vein just to get some blood.

  • Your vein is collapsing cause your sick with a cold and dehydrated.

  • You get snubbed by a breast cancer survivor group who is having an event in the hospital you are at upon asking for info on the charity.

  • You go to the mall to pick up your wedding ring and indulge in a little retail therapy, which results in a watch bought that is too big and a new purse that is too now you have to go back to return the item and pay to have links removed from the watch.....but if you wanted to pay to have a watch repaired you would have repaired the one you've got!

Also, I have FINALLY posted pictures of our house all decorated for Halloween now that we are sans bushes. Check out the rest posted at Flickr!

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Heather said...

Your house looks great! Much better than my 2 light up pumpkins. LOL I'm very sorry that you are having such a bad time. I really hope that things get better soon!!!