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A Post for Lora

As promised, these pictures are for Lora.

She had posted some pictures of her nightly walk, and one of the several 8 legged friends she encounters each night.

Well this may not be a spider, but I think I may have her beat. Ruben came across this beast while cutting the grass a couple weeks ago. It is known as a "Devil's Horse" grasshopper that averages about 3 inches in length. It doesn't really hop all that well, but it had no problem crawling up the brick of the house. I took this picture as it was just across from the 2nd story window. Upon first glance I thought it was a tarantula.

This last picture is in regards to how kids never seem to cooperate when you take them to have professional pictures done. Her little girl had posed beautifully for some pictures done at her school while mom wasn't around. These pictures here happen to be my favorite of Natalie, even though they're a few years old. The lady who took them worked her magic, while I just sat back and watched. She was a real natural getting the best to come out of Natalie. In fact, if I were still in Vegas I'd love to go back to her. I think I'll have to see if the Target Studio here is just as good! I couldn't find all of the originals, so I had to take a picture of the ones I have hanging on the wall.

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LoraLoo said...

OMG - look at the size of that thing!!! I'd lose it if I found one of those inside the house. We had scorpions when we first moved in, I actually stepped on one in the dark and I got him before he got me...LOL I was pretty scarred by that one for awhile!

The pictures of Natalie are beautiful! Maddy never cooperates when I take her in, but that company you talked about (Lifetouch) is the company that comes to her school, so that must be it....