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Follow Up

I followed up with my doctor today. Since my plastic surgeon is back in the office, he wanted to see me and take over for the on-call doctor. Instead of being sutured up, as I thought I would be, I instead was cut open even more. It seems the doctor removed a chunk of tissue from my breast. As he worked, I laid with my eyes closed trying hard to relax and ignore what he was doing - so, I had no idea what was in store for me once the bandages came off. Since he removed tissue, and also went ahead and took out my drainage tube, I was advised to change bandages every 2 hours. Of course once we got home we got busy with other things, and 2 hours quickly came and went. Next thing I know I felt wet along my left upper side. Sure enough I leaked through the bandages. As Ruben removed it, I saw what indeed was done. Ruben himself had a hard time containing his composure. I still have about a quarter size hole in my chest, but now you literally can see inside me. You can stick your finger inside the hole quite a bit - I'd go as far as guessing about a 1/4 inch. It's even more gnarly than the original wound. When Ruben cleans it, he has to put a bit of the gauze inside the hole, and add plenty more on top, to help soak up any and all leaking fluids. Yes, it is really as disgusting as it sounds! Sorry I had to share all the gory details, but several people are wanting to know how my recovery is progressing. Despite the way it sounds, it doesn't really hurt. Still no localized pain, just overall pain. I also was fortunate enough to have my staples removed, so both sides are finally free. However, it seems I have somewhat injured the muscles surrounding the right upper side and back. It's quite painful when I reach for something. The doc just says it will take time, but it's normal and not from doing too much too fast. I go back on Tuesday for another follow up. Hopefully this time I will be able to have my wound closed, so the healing process can begin on that side. The sooner it begins healing, the sooner I will be on my way to getting my first injections!

In other news, we now have 2 new baths! Both Natalie's bath, and the downstairs bath have been removed and replaced with new a bath, shower, and fixtures. We are one step closer to being done, and we're so in love with the new units!

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