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Everywhere I look I find inspiration for scrapbooking. Right now I'm big on neutrals, mixing brown with another color, or brights like green and blue or another eye catching color. And let's not forget, there is also my everyday favorite, plain 'ol blue. I have so many ideas right now, not to mention several unfinished projects. Awaiting on my desk is a board book I am altering, a round album I am working on, and several layouts just waiting for title work or journaling. It's not that I don't have the desire or drive to create, it's just that I am still healing. With this quarter size hole in my chest I want to continue taking it easy until the doctor sutures it up and the incision heals. I'm sure I could get away with doing a little work, but the fact that my left side seems to be close to rock hard, I worry constantly about the possibility of needing corrective surgery to fix it. So in the meantime, I sit and admire others work. Below are some of Cynthia's layouts. She has been a longtime favorite of mine. Enjoy!

1. Woman's Best Friend, 2. My Happy Place, 3. High School Musical Freak, 4. True Blue, 5. 5 things, 6. i love you, 7. Girly Girl, 8. Year of Scrapbooking, 9. Hot Chicks, 10. blah blah blahg, 11. Kids At Play, 12. CD sleeve, 13. Lucky Dog, 14. Family, 15. K is for Kids, 16. Cute

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