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Incision Update

Friday I saw the on-call Plastic Surgeon as mine is currently out of town. Originally I thought that he trimmed away the dead tissue in his office and had sewn me back up, but after two days of applying this medicated ointment we realized what was really happening. Last night as Ruben was changing the bandages he saw that this green ointment is eating away the dead tissue, leaving me with an open wound. Concerned, he called the doctor's office, to which he found out that my stitches had been removed, and that this ointment is doing exactly what it should. Left with a gnarly gaping hole in my chest, the doctor said to keep applying the ointment until my follow up appointment on Friday, during which time he would sew the wound close. He told us not to worry in the meantime, as my muscle is there protecting me - but I find it hard not to worry when I have a quarter size hole in my chest! At least I'm not in pain through-out this whole process. Since they severed the nerve endings, I don't really feel pain, although I have lots of muscle spasms and an overall painful, achy feeling on that side - just no localized pain. I'm finally starting to re-gain my strength on that side, but having this drain tube still intact really limits my ability to do certain things or feel comfortable. I want so badly to sleep on that side and can't! But even though I am feeling somewhat better and stronger, I am still taking it easy. I don't want to make the gaping hole any worse than it is! however, I have a hair appointment on Wednesday that I have waited 2 months for, and I refuse to cancel it. Somehow, someway I plan to drive myself there and go through with my appointment as scheduled. Luckily the salon isn't far, as it's just down the street on Highway 90. If Danny had his license, I might consider letting him drive me there, but in my condition and with my daughter with us, I don't think it would be wise to be giving any driving lessons! I'll manage, I am feeling better, and think that I really can drive myself the short distance. The only hindrance is this damn drain tube!
Tomorrow after 8 full weeks of waiting, they are finally coming to start the remodel on 1 of the bathrooms. We were told it would only take a day to complete, then on Wednesday they will replace the other bath. After the baths/showers are installed, Ruben will have little left to do - just the paint, light fixtures and new counter/sinks once we order them. Of course we still need to find a contractor to remodel the master bath, since it is a custom job. But slowly but surely we are getting there. We still have much painting to do, as most of the downstairs will require at least a touch up once Ruben paints the ceiling, but it's all coming together. We have new furniture for our living and dining room, and I just am so in love with the overall look. I really love my house here and can't imagine ever living anywhere else now. I'll never find another house like this. I know I have been horrible with posting before and after pictures, but I promise I will soon. You won't believe the transformation!

So out of curiosity has anyone been watching A&E's show The Two Corey's? I've been following it the last 2 weeks. I remember as a teenager being so head over heals in love with Corey Haim - and even given his drug problems, rumored stroke, and weight problems I still find him pretty damn good looking. I'd like to see him make a successful comeback now that he has conquered his demons. About a decade ago I dated this guy, who when I first met him held an uncanny resemblance to Corey Haim - but he later turned out to be psychotic, so I ended it after a year. It took me a long time to see how he was brainwashing and affecting me. But hey, you live, you learn! Anyway, check out the show if you get a chance. It's mildly entertaining, and you'll be surprised to find that Corey Feldman is married and his wife is hot!

I'll check back in later this week and let you know how everything goes.

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