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I'm still here

It's been nearly a week since my surgery for bi-lateral breast reconstruction. My right side, where they placed a tissue expander, and in which the breast tissue had been removed previously, is healing quite nicely. I've already re-gained most of my strength and range of motion on that side. My left side, however, is a whole other story. The incision site still looks pretty gnarly, and overall that side still hurts like hell! Obviously given the surgery, I expected a longer healing time, and more pain. They removed my left breast tissue prior to placing the tissue expander, but since it's been almost a week since surgery, I thought I might at least be up and about by now. My guess is that since my draining tubes are still intact, my mobility has been limited as well as my pain increased. These damn tubes make it impossible to be comfortable, so I am still bed-ridden. According to the follow-up I had with my doctor on Friday, I couldn't have the tubes removed as they are draining more fluid than he would like. I have to wait till it goes down significantly before he will agree to remove them. In the meantime, I have to watch them closely, as infection can travel back up the tubing and my course of anti-biotics is over. I'm hoping that I will lose the drains by mid-week, or weeks end at the latest! My concern over the healing incision has teetered back and forth. The one time I looked at it, I freaked. I'm scared of the possibility of another failed reconstruction, although this would be a first if it happened to the left side. Either way I don't want anymore surgeries than I have to have! Ruben heads back to work tomorrow, and his Mom left today, so we're a little worried by the fact that I am still bed-ridden. Of course Danny is still here to help, but he can't take me to the doctor's or to run errands. Natalie has to be enrolled in school, as the school year starts on 8/15. So much to do, and no time to do it in! I can't wait to be feeling better, and be back on my feet. I have so many projects on my desk that I would rather be working on, instead of just lying here watching TV and sleeping half the day. But I can't risk scrapping even one page and pulling a stitch. I'm being extra careful this time so I don't botch this surgery. I wonder how many more weeks of this I have before I am in the clear?

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