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Home from the Hospital

Well here I am post-operation. They discharged me late yesterday afternoon, despite the horrible painful feeling I still had in my back/shoulder blades/armpits. With the way I had felt, I didn't even think I would be able to get off the bed to go to the bathroom, as I was unable to even reposition myself in another position. So for the first two nights I was miserable being unable to move, stuck in the same spot for like 8 hours straight.
When I woke up today after spending my first night at home, I was feeling better. Still a lot of sore areas that hurt (I imagine that those spots will hurt for a while) but I managed to get myself out of bed to go to the bathroom without Ruben's help. I think that the majority of the pain I feel in my armpit area is from these damn tubes I have. I really hate drain tubes, but I hope that this will help to ensure a successful surgery. The tubes and the few staples I have in my right breast will probably be removed. I'm hoping that this is when he will start the saline injections. The right side will need lots of time and enough saline to fully stretch to size, the left side will need less than the right side. The reason why the left side isn't already the correct size, is because the mastectomy I had done was a skin sparring, so a good layer of breast tissue had been left behind, leaving behind a small area for the expander. But at least this way I get to choose the size that I want. I just hope that when I have them swapped out for Implants in a couple months, that it won't hurt as bad, or feel as bad as then!

Now I must go pass out, I've been fighting it for the last hour. Hopefully this post makes sense!

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