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I'm so happy I could shop!

Really, I mean I can shop. I was just notified that I won a $20 gift certificate to I know you're thinking "$20? That's not much " But to me it's a lot, it's a huge deal to have won something period! I mean even if it is only $20, it will buy a pack of paper, but that's not the point. The point is that I won something based off of a layout that I had submitted. Granted, it was sort of the luck of the draw, but still they had to have liked something about my layout. They do a search for all layouts posted on a certain day, review them, and choose one based on the criteria that you linked to one tool, one product, and one adhesive (at minimum) in their online store - but you would think that even still there would be hundreds that would fit into that criteria, right?!? This isn't some big contest (like Lucky 7), it's just some contest they started in April. They are giving away one prize a day day till further notice. I won for something I uploaded in June. I'm excited because it's the first time I have won anything for my work, and to me, it is a sign of things to come. The beginning of my scrapbooking dreams/goals being realized and coming true. So while right now it may not be a magazine publishing or becoming a Design Team Member, but in the future it may be if I keep up the hard work and play my cards right. Maybe if I am real lucky, next month I will be notified that I won a prize in the Lucky 7 - hopefully a grand prize.

Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!!!!!

Oh, btw - did you check out the new pictures I uploaded to Flickr? I know it wasn't a whole lot, and they aren't tagged or described all that well, or rather at all - but at least they are there for your viewing pleasure. I have some videos to edit and post on YouTube just as soon as I can get to them. Today is my pre-op appt. with my plastic surgeon, the last night of swim lesson (thank god!), and hopefully the day I will find out if I found a new general surgeon - otherwise I have appointments both tomorrow and Thursday, ugh!

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