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School's out for summer!

Today is Natalie's last day of school till fall. She's been getting out at 12:30 all week. Honestly, I do not even see the point of her even going this week if she's to get out after half day and not be doing any school work. I almost wish that Louisiana State practiced year long school, with frequent vacation breaks through-out the year like Nevada does, rather than have a 3 month break. I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry. If I have any sanity left, by summer's end I will surely be loony! I say this because this summer is going to be rather difficult with her being out of school and me having at least one surgery done. In the past I would just fly my mom out to stay with her, but now that she has passed, it is no longer an option. I checked with other moms in the neighborhood, and since they all work, they will be sending their kids to either day care or to camp. I tried to enroll her in camp, but registration was full at the church. The Country Club here is offering a camp as well, but at $140 a week, the price is quite steep! We thought about bringing my younger brother-in-law out from Nevada, but he's never been on a plane and is afraid. If I can get my 2 doctors to agree on a date, and confirm with the hospital well enough in advance I might be able to have my mother-in-law come out, but her DTO needs to be requested in advance or she'll end up taking the time off without pay - which I cannot allow. We have a real dilemma here over child care, just for one day while I go through pre-surgical procedures. Hopefully my other surgical procedure won't be till later this year when she returns to school. Aw, the joys of living in a "new" town so far away from friends and family.


LoraLoo said...

Ah yes, the costs of day camp. We pay $183/week for daycare, so I hear ya. If I didn't have a job that paid so well, there wouldn't be a point. I just don't know how so many single mothers do it.

Shannon said...

Hey Ang! Seems like you guys had a great time on vacation. The video of Natali freaking out over the water is a trip!
Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hello!
What surgery are you having this summer?