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Holiday Weekend Update

Boy, it sure feels like it's been a while since my last post. I've been busy this past weekend. Friday I met with my new pain doctor. He's changing up my meds, starting me on a new regimen, and had someone come by today to give me a RS-4i Stimulator for my back & to fit me for a Spinal Orthosis lower back brace. The Stimulator is one of those machines with the sticky pads that deliver electrical pulses to the areas in which the pads are placed. It's a pretty cool machine, and it's mine thanks to my insurance. On Saturday, I woke up fairly early (7 am) which is rather odd for me. So I woke Ruben and we all got ready and spent the day at the movies. We had already seen Spiderman 3 on opening day while at Disney. So we checked out Shrek the 3rd and Pirates 3. Both good flicks, but all that theatre time was hard on the ass! Sunday we drove to Houma with the plan of going to Home Depot to stock up on brick pavers, weed block, and lava rock to re-do some of the yard, but decided to first get estimates for concrete curbing instead. At least that way it will take away half of the hard work. Besides, I need to get someone out here to lay concrete in the back yard to extend our patio. Instead we ended up at Office Depot and bought a new 37" LCD HD TV for our bedroom. Now Natalie's room is the only room (other than the guest room) that doesn't have a HD TV. Afterwards we continued on to Lowes were we finally found all the lights for the baths, once we start that remodeling project....of course that is one project the contractor will be doing - once I find one! For Memorial Day we just stayed at home indoors and chilled out. One of the new meds the pain doctor has me on causes drowsiness, so I ended up napping most of the day which spoiled our plans to work in the yard, which is fine by me! It's going to take me a few days to get used to this medication. Somehow it's supposed to help with the effects from chemo and the chemo agent I take daily (my Femara medication) but so far it seems like it only adds to the effects! Today was a big day. I saw my Plastic Surgeon this afternoon and we nailed down a date for my surgery. We set the date for July 23rd so I can fly my mother-in-law out here for the week to help out with Natalie. My little brother-in-law will also be coming out and staying for a month. Now aside from getting ready to have surgery (which I am having on both sides, as I am having my other breast removed), I need to find furniture for our guest room so Ruben's mom has somewhere to sleep. Of course I also need to get estimates for concrete, tree trimming, bathroom remodeling, and also go to another dozen doctor appointments. It's going to be a busy, crazy summer - just hope I have enough energy to stay awake to get it all done!

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