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Home from Vacay!

Hey it's me again! We're back early a few days as tomorrow is cash sharing day at the office and the Director is coming in from Vegas. Ruben needs to be there not only to collect his bonus check, but to hand out his employee's checks as well. From what I understand, Mike's Admin, Nancy will be in town with him too. I have to go get the dog tomorrow, whom I've missed like crazy, but I'm hoping to stop in and see Nancy. I used to work with her back in the day when we were in Vegas. She's the best. I can't wait to see her! Other than that I have so much to do. Obviously I have tons of laundry, lots to blog about, pix to post, pix to have printed, some letters to do, picture CD's to burn, grocery shopping, ebaying, and much more so stay tuned to hear all about our trip. I've got some great pictures I will be posting. We had the PhotoPass, and I bought the CD at the end of our stay, so I now own the copyright to all of those images - plus we took about 300 or so. I have some awesome ones of my nephew Matthew, whom we met for the 1st time. Man we had so much fun, well all except for the trip back - I've been sick all day and I actually puked in several spots along the freeway.

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