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Being sick sucks!

Getting sick on the tail end of a vacation really bites. I was up till 2 am last night and hardly slept a wink from then till 7. At around 1:30 I was hurling what little food I had ate on the drive home. When we stopped in Destin Ruben & Nat grabbed some burgers & fries - I pretty much skipped the meal, just snacked on a few fries as I had already puked twice. Well before bed I up-chucked so bad I had pieces of green fries coming out of my nose. They were green cause each time I had gotten sick I had eaten some gobstopper jawbreaker candy to rid my mouth of the disgusting taste. It all happened so suddenly I barely made it to the bathroom in time and ended up spewing all over the toilet and soon to be removed wallpaper. I thought I was going to choke to death as I had fry particles caught in my throat for the longest time and could not breathe. I now have busted blood vessels all through out my face from choking, and my throat still aches and feels as though something is caught in it. At least with all this vomiting and not eating yesterday and today, I am happy to report that although I ate quite heavenly at WDW, I did not gain a pound - yeah!

Now if only I can keep this ginger ale down and pull myself together, I need to get Natalie up and get us both ready so we can go get Lexie and accomplish some errands today. Hopefully I will feel up to sitting down and figuring out how to edit some videos - I have 2 from the trip to post. Lora if you have any quick tips I sure would appreciate it, as I would much rather be watching what's on the DVR. I've really missed the Soprano's & Entourage, not to mention last night's Grey's - I caught the 2 hour one and lemme say I am NOT impressed at all with this so called "Private Practice" it soooooo SUCKS! But at least if I am in bed sick all weekend I will have plenty to watch! So anyway, please send me tips to help me edit my videos so I can post them, and I promise I will blog about the trip soon - and post lots of pix. For now, here is a look at some of the best of the best. Enjoy, have a great weekend & Happy Mother's Day to you all!

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LoraLoo said...

I wish I could give you some quick tips on editing videos - I still haven't sat down long enough to figure it out, myself.

I have Microsoft Movie Maker and it's pretty easy to use, I just haven't done anything real with it yet.

Glad you had such a great time - hope you feel better soon!