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Well it's officially over.......

As of yesterday Nick and Jessica no longer exist as man and wife. My hopes for them reconciling go down the drain, just like their marriage. But I guess like all good things seen on TV, it must come to an end eventually - kinda like Sex & The City. But at least I still have the fall line-up to look forward to. I'm still holding my breathe for a 3rd season reunion of Dr. McDreamy and Meredith on Grey's Anatomy. Plus I still have 8 more episodes of the Sopranos to look forward to next year, as well as the return of Big Love.
No matter where we live, I will always have HBO as long as they have an addictive original series to watch!

Guess I'm just bored, nothing good to watch on TV, don't really feel like a movie and I've been stuck at home alone all week with my 6 y/o daughter while my husband plays slot tech in Wyoming. Hopefully he'll be back tomorrow, or Monday at the latest since he has to fly out to Louisiana on Wednesday. Maybe once all his traveling is done, I will know a little more about what all is going on and what we're going to do. I can't stand the stress of not knowing whether I should unpack my scraproom, or re-pack it!

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Shannon said...

Hey Ang,
Just wanted to stop by to say hello. Hope you are doing well.
Things are the same here pretty much...just confusing and difficult.

Take care!