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I'm Back In Las Vegas Again!

I'm back down here to see my mother again. We arrived yesterday afternoon after receiving a distressful email from my dad. Despite all the infections and blood loss my mom had, she demanded that the hospital let her go home, and while she may not be doing any better, we found out that she has been approved by the insurance company to have the transplant and all. The bad news is that she is still very sick, has fluid collecting everywhere within her body, won't eat, won't do her physical therapy, and won't do her labs or go to the doctor appointments she has. Despite the good news, I fear the end is near, as it seems as though she has given up. Although the insurance company has approved her, she still needs to go to UCLA for the Eval (to rate her need and readiness), but she cannot do that until she is better - no more infections or blood loss. It's all a vicious circle.....she cannot live without a new liver, but won't get better until she has a new liver. So here I am with my family, down here to see her and either tell her to start making an effort and fight back, or to tell her goodbye, how much I love her, and that I'm going to miss her. No matter what, it's NOT going to be easy. It's like all of this has come on so fast, much faster than any of us thought it would. And if this alone weren't bad enough, I'm also here to tell the rest of my family goodbye. It's only a matter of time till I too am gone, gone to Louisiana.

Any day now Ruben will be getting his official offer letter, although we already know that it has been approved. He will start his new job as a Manager of Louisiana at the end of this month. Natalie, the dog and I plan to stay here until our house in Elko sells and we purchase one there - which hopefully won't take too long! Moving, buying and selling is all too stressful, and the sooner it's done the better! I just hope we can find the house of our dreams, and that it is never hit by a hurricane! In any case though, this move will not be easy. Neither of us have been so far away from our families......I'm not sure whether we should be proud that we are leaving behind the nest and our families, or to be sad. But in any case, Louisiana here I come.

I'll talk with "y'all" later!

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LoraLoo said...

Hey, I'm really sorry to hear your Mom isn't doing better. I hope she turns the corner and fights.

On a brighter note, congrats to Ruben for the promotion, and congrats to you all for the new adventure! I was born in Louisiana, and although I don't remember it, it has a special place in my heart.