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Checking in, and maybe moving on?

I know it's been quite a while since returning home that I've made a post to bring everyone up-to-date on where everything stands, but I have so much to tell - and I'm not sure where to start really.

My mother's health hasn't really improved any after having the TIPPS surgical procedure done. In fact, she is having more problems than before, but some are more different. She's back in the hospital again and had to have a blood transfusion. With every email I get from my dad I worry more and more. Her depression is getting worse, and I fear that if she doesn't snap out of it soon and start fighting back, she won't live long enough to even get a liver transplant, or to even be evaluated by UCLA staff 1st to determine her needs for one.
Also, we missed getting to see my sister and family from Hawaii, and my 4 month old newborn nephew Matthew, whom we've never seen. But we had to leave Las Vegas the day before they flew in.

Since returning home I have not yet heard from my plastic surgeon's office as to when he'd like to see me again to perform my procedure. However, we did learn that Ruben did not get that job in Arizona that he interviewed for, and that I had my heart so set on. As disappointing and as devastating as that news was, we rebounded rather quickly when Ruben received a call regarding a manager's position in Louisiana. Now I've been holding off on saying anything about this offer, as Ruben has not yet even interviewed for it. He doesn't fly down till July 5th, but it was presented to him as, come down, look at some house and see how you like the area. He was also told to start looking for his replacement. Now that may not be a written offer - that's why I didn't want to say anything about it, but so far this sounds to be a pretty concrete. Just hope the money is there!

So for the last few weeks we've been waiting excitedly for his meeting, and looking at houses online. We want to find the house of our dreams this time, that hasn't been damaged during Hurricane Katrina. Each time we've moved (5 times in the last 5 1/2 years) we've always somewhat settled on where to live. It all depended on what was available at the time and how much we could afford. Well this time, it won't be like that. Louisiana has a different kind of housing market than Las Vegas. The prices aren't sky high, and from what we've been told, the market is still strong here, so we should have no problems selling our house. We were also told that we should make a pretty hefty profit on the sale as well - even though I didn't get to make all my upgrades to the flooring.
But all this talk about buying and selling homes again is rather stressful, along with the fact that we will be about a 1,000 miles from Vegas and our families. It's going to hard on us, but at 32 it's time to start growing up and venturing away from the nest. It just won't be easy.

Here's to hoping all goes well!

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