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Vacation's over & it's time to go back to life & school

Here it is, our 1st school vacation......done, over, kaput. No, we didn't do anything for Labor Day, cause lucky me (ha,ha!!) had been sick all weekend with one of those vice-like head colds. Waking up tomorrow should be lots of fun. The first week of school wasn't off to a good start as it was, as someone else at the school scratched the whole side of my Durango with their Le Sabre's DS mirror, by trying to squeeze in between my car and the curb to make a right hand turn - which all traffic was at a stand still due to the cross guard walking kids across the intersection. All this, and it was only the first day of school. Luckily it looks as though I might be able to buff mine out, but this lady was totally psycho and tried to break my camera when I began taking pictures of the damage and her plate since she refused to give me any info - and psycho is just a nice word for the way she freaked on me, this little old lady musta thought she belonged to a gang or something, cause the whole thing was crazy - some 45 or 50 years old and said she would kick my ass or hunt me down and have me killed? WTF kinda school does my child go to. I hope they ain't teaching her how to be a gangster or something. Anyway, I have a great shot of her trying to grab my camera in which she nearly broke my pinkie finger, as it's all black and blue! And pictures of my newly scratched car, which totally bums me out!

In other news, I just can't wait to be at home with my hubby again, and to be a family, in our own house! I have a little less than a year to get my bod in shape with our new BowFlex Elliptical Machine we got last fall, and the few pieces of Pilate's equipment we have. Then yesterday, Ruben bought a Gold's Gym GS 2500 Series home gym to help work the upper body and other areas. The reason why I say a little less than a year, is because we are planning at least 2 major vacations next summer. 1st off we will be meeting my sister, her husband, and my 2 nephews in Disneyland in May. Then in June it looks like we just might be going to Hawaii with some friends from work to a golfing resort, where we will also see my sister and her family again. And in the event that doesn't work for one reason or another, I still have many ideas for the Bahamas or Cancun. But in any event, I want to get my body a little more beach ready, lose some extra pounds, tighten up what little muscles I do have........and hope and pray that my reconstruction surgeries are finished in time!

Anyhow, hope ya'll had a better (last) week & weekend than me!

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