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As you all know, September is here...

and in just 2 horribly long days, comes the much awaited, much anticipated release of the 2nd season of Grey's Anatomy. I know I for one cannot wait. And what's more, in just a few more weeks on Thursday, September 21st season 3 comes back with a bang. It's been said that in the first 3 episodes Meredith will choose between Dr. Derrick "McDreamy" Shepard, and Finn the Vet - but wait, there's more. It is also said that Dr. McSteamy, the plastic surgeon, who caused the whole split between Derrick and his OB wife, will be back for a return visit and to stir up more trouble. I smell another love triangle.....although, MY vote is still with McDreamy, even though all 3 are really hot doctors. Tell me how a sweet, but dweeb-like teen like Patrick Dempsey can turn into such a freaken HOTTIE at mid-age? The hair is oh so yummy, and that smile is almost enough to make you tingle all over just by itself! I just can't wait for this new season to begin. I need, I want my McDreamy fix! But for now it's sleepy time - gotta get up early in the a.m. to take Natalie to school, but for tonight, it's sweet steamy, dreamy, dreams.

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