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It's time for school again, please god give me strength!

For the first time EVER, Natalie began all day classes at school, as she is now in First Grade. Man is this transistion going to be hard on both of us! She has never attended an all day program away from some sort of family member, so I'm not sure how she will react, or to be honest, how I will react! They grow up so fast, and it hurt me so bad to stand there all alone and watch her walk off as she prepared for her first big day. Although the school here in Vegas that she is enrolled in is only temporary until we sell our house in Northern Nevada and can move to Louisiana and get settled, it was still a big deal to both of us. It's times like this when I miss my mom the most. She'd be the first to call as soon as Natalie got home from school to find out how her day went. Of course, Ruben will call or vice versa - but still, it's not quite the same as girl talk with Grandma, in which I would get to snitch that Natalie got ahold of a pair of scissors and decided all by herself that she was old enough to cut her own hair. Not to worry, she only cut her bangs, but waaaaaaaaay too short. As for the rest of it, we went and had it cut prior to school, and she loves the new shorter look. Here's some pictures from her first day:

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