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Today, my Mom's Obituary hit the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Even though some time has passed since her death, the mourning still comes in waves....just not as often as it did at first. Sometimes it's silent tearful rememberances, while others can often be both good or bad dreams about her. My daughhter is taking it amazingly well, which makes me wonder if she's too young still to understand what's happened, or if she's just smarter than I give her credit for. All I know is that even though her death is coming more at ease to me, I still love and miss her terribly......and wonder if I am feeling more at ease, and mourning less, does that make me a bad person, like I don't care, or does it just mean that I am understanding and coping better? In any case, here is the obituary that my Dad wrote........

Published August 09, 2006. BRITTON, LINDA LIKE

On July 20, 2006, Linda June Like Britton, passed away from the arms of her loving family, into the embrace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Born June 10, 1946, in Washington, Ind. Linda was a woman of great faith and love for her family. She loved her music and singing. She also enjoyed scrapbooking. Linda was a retired insurance agent in Fairview, Ill., where she lived most of her life, and met her husband, Vincent Britton. She liked to travel and always wanted to see Rome, Italy. Linda's favorite time of year was Christmas. She was an active member of the Red Hat Society in Las Vegas and Mexico. She was a deaconess of the Full Gospel Las Vegas Church. Linda is survived by her husband, her children, her grandchildren, and her great-grand-children. She recently retired to Lake Chapala, Mexico, with her husband, where they enjoyed their retirement activities and many friends. Memorial was previously held.

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Jeff (this is me) said...

Please do not EVER feel like you are a bad person for dealing with your mom's death. Everyone copes with things in different ways and yours is just that...yours. I know a few people who have had a family member pass away after suffering from a medical condition. They have all told me that it is a combination of both a deep sorrow because they are no longer physically here and a relief because he or she is no longer in pain. They too have expressed their guilt of feeling the relief of no longer having to helplessly watch their loved one slowly fade away. I am sure things will never be the same and yet it will, in time, turn into funny stories and fond memories to share with your kid as she grows up.