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Social Networking?

I've been carrying around a load lately that I'm just not sure if or how I want to unleash it. Yes, it revolves around drama and recent events, and the whole thing is just totally exhausting - that's why I haven't opened up about it yet.

One thing I do want to discuss, and clear up is the use of MySpace and Facebook, and even this blog for that matter. It was recently brought to my attention that others have questioned my use of this social networking sites. I guess someone thought I was a bit old for such sites. Now let me just say that right now I'm emotionally and physically spent. There was a huge dramatic blowout earlier this week with someone and for the last few weeks since I began receiving saline fills again, I have been in a lot of pain - way more than normal. I forgot how much having breasts hurts your back - though my pain that radiates from front to back is from the pressure of my tissue expanders. So anyway, I'm not going blow a gasket on this post - I'm just going to make it crystal clear that my blogging, and use of other sites is strictly for networking. Of the people that are my "friends", most I actually know personally - others I have formed a friendship with because we have traveled down a similar path that is cancer - and the rest are friends of friends who write things I enjoy reading. I partake in these sites to not just keep in contact with old friends, but so that I can "network."

If it weren't for this blog I would not have had the honor or privilege of becoming a freelance writer for the breast cancer communities I work with. I would have missed out on doing something that has been a dream of mine for the last 4 years; and that is to help other women who have cancer. One day when I'm finished with surgeries and cancer, and the economy is in a better place - I have every intention on taking a class or two and sitting down and writing my breast cancer book. This is MY journey, MY dream. That is why I blog and have MySpace and Facebook accounts. There is no age limit to social networking, and anyone who sees a problem with what I do or why I do it is missing out on the bigger picture.

If a person isn't an obvious perv, do you believe that it is acceptable for a 30-something person to use these tools? Do you belong to MySpace or Facebook and has anyone ever questioned why you do?


NotPerfectDeb said...

Of course it is acceptable and does no harm to anyone. I have a blog and Facebook too. Several of my family and neighbors also have Facebook. I've found some old friends on Facebook too.

Heather said...

Well you know I have a blog and Facebook, so if it makes me childish... picture me bursting out into song here Peter Pan style... I won't grow up!

Caroline said...

Give me a break. Me and all my nearing 50 year old friends have a blast on Facebook. No one is too old.

Angi said...

ok, but what if the problem with your age and using these tools is because, unlike other people in the hood, you actually can and have held conversations with some of the teens living here....and when I say hold conversations, I'm just sying we've had little talks like what's up, what's going on, how's school, how come I never see you outside, etc. etc. etc. No one else hardly ever says more than hi to these teens, so right away when they see me talking to them it's automatic that I am doing something inappropriate - which is beyond sick & twisted. My point of view is just that if these teens are watching my daughter play, then I would like to know what kind of an influence they will be having on her.
I mean I would so understand if there were inappropriate touching, or spending free time with them - but since when did words become so taboo?
it just further drives the many points that make me lose faith in humanity. no one knows how to be friendly anymore, and every act has some kind of alterior motive behind it.

Anonymous said...

Im 32 and have a face book account and I see no problem having a chat with the local kids. Especailly when your open and up front about it. For gods sake the worlds going to shit if one mum cant say hi to some of the kids in the stree with out a hoo ha. By the way I read your blog everyday but have never made a comment. Im Elesha and a mum of twin boys. I found you at the breast cancer network and have followed you ever since you found out you had the cancer back. I dont have cancer but I guess being a young mum I could relate to the situation you find yourself in. I think from reading your posts that you are very sensiteve(as am I) and things people say really hurt you alot. Just think you have beaten cancer twice stuff these odd balls that pop up now and again there not worth your time.
Elesha all the way down in OZ

LoraLoo said...

UGH.... you're not doing anything wrong, and you're not to "old" to be social networking (and who cares how old some of your networks are... you're no pedo, sheesh). WTF!?

You're a busy lady, no room for the narrow-minded and ignorant, I say.

Nik said...

Ahh, to hell with anybody who has a problem with you networking. Defending yourself to the ignorant masses is so not worth it! They'll think whatever they want regardless of what you have to say.