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Old News, New Twist

As I'm sure you've all heard the hype surrounding Christian Bales tirade on the set of Terminator by now - and the following apology he made on KROQ saying that he "acted" like a "punk". Personally I think it's all a bunch of BS, as it's old news. The audio clip is from last year! July to be exact. I just think that this is a marketing ploy to attract viewers since the film is being released this spring. You know, viral videos are all the rage now - it's how they drum up PR and promote the work. It's the digital age - who needs a million dollar commercial, when you can leak something taped on set, right? Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing. To listen to it is funny as hell - but when you think about it, he went off on this guy for nearly 4 minutes and dropped like 36 F-bombs! I have a potty mouth myself, so the language used was of no offense to me. You just have to wonder though at what point of listening in or taking this do you stand up and say, STFU? This is why I think it's all marketing, cause I don't think anyone in there right mind would stand there and take it and not walk away or tell 'em to shut up. if you listen to his apology on KROQ he talks about how people are accusing him of being pompous and acting like he's better than anyone else - and I have to say that I didn't really get that from the whole tirade, but I did from the apology. He sounds very arrogant, then again it could just be cause he's British. Anyway, the last few days Ruben and I have been having lots of fun joking around based on this audio clip. There are just too many great quotes, you kinda can't help but to walk away mocking it. Last night I found this lovely little remix. I'll warn you now that this is totally NOT for little ears! Also, I found in the more info section where you can download this mix - which I did. I think I just might put it into my iPhone and listen to it when I walk or something. I'm telling you: instant classic! Enjoy!

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