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Kim K; Everything that is wrong with Reggie Bush

Ok, that's it - I'm sick and tired of hearing this big booty nobody talk about her and her man. Seriously, we're talking about a girl whose claim to fame is a sex tape with Ray J. Yeah, she may be the daughter of one of OJ's infamous lawyers, but Kim Kardashian is nothing but a talentless whore who got the brilliant idea from her one time friend Paris Hilton to release a sex tape so that she could climb onto the reality bandwagon. All I can say is shame on you Mr. Seacrest for polluting our TV's with this garbage....and as if that's not bad enough this bitch has got to run her mouth off about everything! She's all over the place the last few months blabbing about Reggie Bush, the New Orleans Saints Running Back whom she is dating. She's talking about how she's ready to have kids, and posing in his jersey for some magazine article. I'll tell you this, she's the reason behind Reggie having a mediocre season, and spending the final month of it injured. It's because of her, that like Romo & Brady and their significant other jinx, his mind - like theirs, isn't on the game cause his mind is on her. Reggie Bush is no longer my favorite is now Pierre Thomas. Like Heidi & Spencer from The Hills, I just wish she'd be boycotted and no longer talked about, ever!

Here she is talking about Valentine's Day and how Reggie is spending it by taking her to Fashion Week. Here she is sporting his jersey for ESPN magazine - talking about being in a celeb couple. Here she is talking about wanting kids. Reggie, for the love of God please do yourself a favor kick Kim to the curb and salvage your football career STAT!

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