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The Tooth Fairy visits again

Last night, after spending the weekend walking around downtown New Orleans and taking in all the sights, Natalie complained about her tooth being more loose than it had been. I really didn't want to end the day by pulling it with all the fun we've had this weekend, but the tooth was bothering her and she wouldn't quit playing with it. I was afraid it might fall out while eating or sleeping and she would swallow it or something. So like the past 2, I grabbed the dental floss, covered her eyes with a washcloth, started to count, and yanked it out before making it to 3, so she wouldn't expect it. She excitedly woke up this morning to another $5.00 from the Tooth Fairy!
Onto a seperate issue. We did so much walking and sight-seeing this weekend, I took over 200 pictures alone, and that doesn't even include the pictures from the drive here from Vegas. I'm going to attempt to post the majority of the with descriptions to my Flickr account, so be sure to check it out. There you will see bridges, rivers, lakes, Cities of The Dead, and much, much more!

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