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YES! FINALLY! We have finally received an offer on our house that we have accepted. There was some countering offers made by us. But all went well, we ended up getting more money than originally offered, AND we also ended up cutting back on expenses out of pocket. So it's good all around. We started escrow this past Monday, and are scheduled to close November 6th. We started looking more seriously at houses here, but in the St. Charles Parish which is known for having the best schools in the district. We also want to make sure we get something that was high and dry, with no prior damage from Katrina - and preferably out of a flood zone so homeowner's insurance isn't sky high!
We finally opened up a bank account here since there are no US Bank's here. We're looking into opening some CD's or something for small investment periods for part of Natalie's money for college and her wedding. They also have investment specialist we can talk to, since part of the money is for school, but all that will be on the back-burner till after we find a house here and close on it. I just want to make sure we are doing the best we can to make the most of her $86,000, so it stretches far enough to put her through med school (she wants to be a doctor to save babies - just hope she doesn't change her mind later in life) and to give her a nice wedding......but more importantly, the education. Honestly, we'd rather persuade her to elope and take the money to use instead as a down payment on a house......but we still have 11+ years before she's 18, so no worries for now, just worries on how to invest it. Any ideas????


Cynthia said...

Wahoo! :)

LoraLoo said...

We opened two different accounts for Madison - one is an ESA (I can't remember what that stands for) but it's educational, and if I remember correctly, it's tax free as long as it's used for something educational, even if that's dance lessons or a computer for school along the way. We also opened a custodial account that will mature when she's 18 and can start drawing from it for whatever then. I'm just not going to tell her what it is so she doesn't go blowing it on her 18th birthday.

Congrats on selling the house!