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Halloween Ideas?

Hmmm, what to do. Here it is the day before Halloween, in a new town, and we have no plans yet for the day. Of course Natalie already has her costume picked out- she will be Disney's Pocahontas, and since it came from the Disney Store, she has ALL of the accessories. The weather here seems cooperative, as it has still been quite warm, with very few chilly days. I can't wait to see my little Indian (more like mex-american) Princess all dressed up. Just wish we had a plan as to where to go. I will be checking for activities in the local paper tomorrow morning for safe trick-or-treating.
Tonight Ruben brought up the question of going to a Saint's football game on the 19th, which would be awesome. Only problem is his company only has 2 season tickets for the games. So we are on the hunt on how to make this work. I forfeited my right to go as soon as Natalie had a fit. She loves watching football with Daddy, but bathrooms pose a problems for Father's of little girls. But I swear, even if I have to pay over $200 to buy 3 seats, I will, just so we can all experience a game together. It should be crazy fun! But on the flip-side, I worry about attending a game, cause I think everytime I like a team and watch them play in hopes of them winning, they don't. It's like I curse them somehow, and I really don't want the Saint's to lose another game 2 losses are too many already!

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