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Today is my monthly follow up visit at the weight loss clinic, and
while I've only lost 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks for a total of 17
pounds in a month, I did lose several inches. I lost 2 inches total
from each of the following areas: biceps, bust, waist, hips, thighs,
and calves. Plus 4 inches from around my upper belly. I'm down about 4
pant sizes, they fit a tad snug but the next size up is much too big.
I still have a minimum of 30 more pounds that I'd like to lose, though
65 is the goal. Losing 30 will put me back at the size I was when I
moved here.
Since the beginning of March I have managed to lose 25 pounds. Now the
question is will I be able to continue to lose weight and can I take
off another 15 before Disney? Guess it's time to stop cheating and
start working out more.


"Whoever said winning isn't everything never had to fight cancer"


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Heather said...

You are doing an awesome job girl! Keep up the good work!

jiggins said...

it's not a matter of how much you are losing. but that you are healthy and happy..and that you are actually losing. I have lost a bunch of weight in the past.. but muscle weighs more than fat.. so if you are losing inches, you are putting on the good stuff and trimming down the bad stuff! Good work!

the VW is "LOWBFL" like.. Low Body-fat Levels! :)