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Where did May go?

I can't believe it is Memorial Day already, and just around the bend is the end of the school year! Come Saturday my mother-in-law will be here visiting from Las Vegas for 3 whole weeks.
It's going to be super hard having her here while I'm dieting, the woman cooks like no one else - and nothing she makes can be classified as "healthy", it's all Mexican food high in calories and fat. Sure I'll indulge a bit, but mostly I will be trying my damnedest to eat sensibly. It seems that my weight loss progress has slowed a bit. Which is to be expected. After all losing 13lbs in two weeks is a bit much. I guess at this point I need to focus on exercising more while I continue to eat right. For about the last week I've been using the new EA Sports Active for the Wii. I'll tell you that there is no doubt that it works. My legs burned so bad after just one use.
Here it has been nearly a week since I had an allergic reaction to eating a mango and my face is still flared up. I had to call the dermatologists office today cause my hives had gotten worse. He called me in a script for an oral steroid. I guess the shot I was given on Thursday had begun to wear off. I woke up this morning to my eyes all swollen and my face red and itchy. This whole experience has not been fun, that's for sure!
This weekend Natalie and I went shopping to get her clothes for summer. We spent the majority of the day at the mall going from store to store. It was tiring! While we were there we stopped into the salon and got her eyebrows waxed. I'm telling you a little bit of wax makes a world of difference.
Only a few more weeks and we'll be getting ready for our trip to Disney. I'm so excited. I swear it can't get here soon enough. It's been too damn long since we had a real vacation. While Ruben is out of town this week, I need to spend some time online finding the best prices on tickets to all the parks we want to go to. I still think we're nuts for going on the 4th of July, cause I'm sure the parks will be absolutely packed! I need to find out what the park hours are, and get information about them closing the park once it reaches capacity. I also need to figure out what reservations I need to make. Still so much planning to do - plus lots of cleaning before my mother-in-law arrives, and I need to find out when our new windows will be ready to be installed - not to mention all the work that needs to be done before hand like moving the furniture and blinds. Yup, with all that needs to be done vacation will be here in a blink of an eye!

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Heather said...

You asked how my legs fit under my desk... I usually sit cross legged. I find it more comfortable. LOL

I'm glad you're still doing well on your diet. I'm trying. I hope you have a really awesome time with your MIL, and I'm jealous your Disney trip is so close. We are going in February and it's taking forever to get here.