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The week in Review

Yeah, so it's been awhile since I made an actual post. I've been busy reading like crazy. I'm half-way through book 9 of the Sookie Stackhouse series, the final book until #10 is published in October. I've been reading almost non-stop since I bought the books 2 weeks ago. Aside from reading I've also been going on nightly walks with my friend Arlene. We're both trying to lose a few pounds, so we're trying to support each other by walking 1-2 miles around our neighborhood 3 to 4 nights a week. I'm also trying real hard to eat right, which for me is not an easy task. Once I get myself on track I'll be changing the way the whole family eats--that is if I can stick with this. At this point it's only been a few days, and my will power is still weak.
We went out to dinner Friday night for Mother's Day, and while I ate pretty sensibly, I did have a hard time staying away from the rolls and skipping dessert. I've even cut soda out completely, and when I do something like that you know it's serious. I think I'm finally getting over the caffeine withdrawals, as my head isn't throbbing today--however my feet are.
Yesterday I sat by my neighbor's pool reading while Natalie swam, and my feet which rarely see the light of day got pretty sunburned cause I neglected to put sunscreen on. It was a nice way to spend Mother's Day. Ruben spent the day working around the house. He started the day by making pancakes for me, which I was served in bed--dry (no butter or syrup) to make them less fattening. Then he did some yard work, the laundry so I wouldn't have to, then textured & painted Natalie's bathroom. I had bought myself some Cricut cartridges and told him not to get me anything, cause it wasn't like I really needed anything and we're getting new windows here in a few weeks, so I was trying to be practical. But while he was in Biloxi last week for the Southern Gaming Show, he bought me lots of goodies from the Hard Rock Casino. He's been asking me if I wanted to go to Wolf Camera and get something since the store is closing and everything is on sale, but I just got a new camera for my birthday, so I'm good.
In fact the only thing I am wanting is a new car. For some reason I want one so bad I've even began contemplating going back to work. I just haven't found a job yet. Wednesday when I was running errands in town, my instrument cluster panel on my dash fried--so my Durango has been in the shop since then waiting for the new part to come in. While I was at the dealership I fell in love with one of the Challengers there, though it's not the model I would purchase. Then Friday when we went out to dinner at Boomtown Belle they had a new Camaro there that will be raffled off next month. The temptation seems to be everywhere! It was such a sweet looking ride, though still not the model I would want. If I'm going to buy a Camaro I want the SS, not the coupe. But since it's being given away, I decided to get a club card just so my name could go in the drawing. Of course since we only played that night my chances of winning will be real slim....and Boomtown is too far away for me to swing by daily to swipe my card. And seriously, if I am going to gamble all that money daily I might as well use it towards a car payment and buy the dang thing. But I really love not having a car payment, and our lifestyle totally reflects that. Ruben wants to start saving money now so when we go to get a new car we can just pay mostly cash for it again. The problem is that's easier said that done. I'm good at saving money to a certain extent, and then it begins to burn a hole in my pocket.
So, that's been the past week in a nutshell. Don't have much planned for this week except for Thursday. Thursday I am supposed to get my 6 month follow up PET scan, which has me a tad nervous. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to call and reschedule it. One of our neighbors passed away on Friday, and we're going to the service on Thursday. Last year the couple had spent Thanksgiving with us, which kept me from moping about the family holiday and being alone. Sometimes not having family here really hurts. Since then they have been like adoptive grandparents to Natalie. They spoiled that child about as rotten as we do. So we want to be there to give support. I need to go out and buy something suitable to wear to the funeral since I don't have any dress clothes that fit me. I don't think wearing jeans would be appropriate. Then Friday I am seeing my plastic surgeon to have him look at my implants. The left side is still lumpy, and now the right side has gotten a lot firmer to the point that it's hard in some areas. I have a feeling I will be heading back into a 10th surgery--or at least hoping so, cause I don't want to be stuck with these, and I can't help but to worry and wonder if they will ever be "right". I will keep you posted. Hopefully once I finish this last book, I will get back to blogging more!

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