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Nervous and glad all in one!

Yeah baby, I'm back in Vegas for the summer. First of all, I've got a few doctor appointments to deal with, which one will hopefully tell me that I am all ready to go through with my re-construction surgery again. Then, after seeing all my doctors, it's off to Disney for a few days, before coming back to the sweltering heat of Vegas till August. I can deal with the heat - I think?!?! But I don't think I can handle another reconstruction that gets infected or a hematoma, or one that doesn't get done period. I can't handle another screw up or rejection on my part from my body. I hate going through life feeling lop-sided! I really hope and pray this one goes right, so I can go back to being somewhat "normal".
But on the bright side, for the meantime, I am back in civilization. YEAH!!!! And hopefully, any day now we'll be finding out if my husband got the promotion and transfer to Arizona he put in for. It is something we BOTH want so VERY, VERY badly. The doctors in Elko are just horrible! I am tired of country life - small living. I hate snow, and I need a mall and such. We figure, since I still have to come see my major doctors here every 2 months, it would be nice to drive 4 hours vs. 8 hours! So we are still sitting here as patiently waiting, as we possibly can, with all our fingers and toes crossed - and praying day in and day out, for the decision to come in and the job be his. AZ is something I have wanted for my husband for at least the last 4 years out of the 6 he has been there.
So if you have nothing else to do, cross your fingers and keep us in mind when you making your daily prayers - we would certainly appreciate it!

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