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October 26th, 2005 - Why do doctors cause undue stress and anxiety if it can be avoided?

Well I flew back from Vegas and my first saline injection late Monday afternoon. Spending the weekend away from my Hubby and our girls was tough. I spent most of Sunday sick, and I'm not sure why. I think I was really anxious and nervous about getting my first injection. I slept crappy all night, if even at all and got up early Monday morning to head over to the plastic surgeon's office. When it finally was my turn to be seen, I became extremely nervous as I saw my doctor walk into the exam room with 2 HUGE tubes of saline. It had to have been 120 cc's of saline easy, maybe even 160 cc's. I started to worry about how much this was going to hurt and the prospect of flying back home to Elko today, and my stomach really began doing flips! I started off the exam by saying how I had felt fine the week after having surgery, then all the sudden I began to have a lot of intense pain. I told him how Karen and I concluded that I must be over-doing it at home and that I should really try to take it easy. Then I explained to him how the next day I noticed my right breast was all yellow and somewhat hard, and how it changed colors to black and purple like most bruises do. He looked at the area, which at that time was almost all black, and started feeling around. This is where he really began to panic me. He explained to me that the bruising I had was caused by busted blood vessels, and is called a hematoma. He asked if I had been taking any blood thinners, to which I replied no. He explained to me that I was lucky that the breast tissue was beginning to soften up, and that's when he dropped a bomb on me. He explained that if the tissue had remained hard, it was quite possible that this hematoma would be causing my skin tissue to die and he would have to rush me over to UMC right now to remove it. Suddenly I didn't feel well. I hadn't eaten all day Sunday and had thrown up a couple times, and now this! I wasn't sure if I was going to throw up again or just pass out. It took all I had to walk over to the sink and wet some towels to put on my face. I was a nervous wreck and scared to death. I was very lucky to have the tissue softening up, it's the only thing that saved me on this day. He said that because of this he cannot inject the saline today. So basically I wasted $225 to fly to Vegas to get the shit scared out of me, and that's it. I have to wait 3 weeks now for my first injection. He estimated the bruising to be gone by then, and already I can see it lightening up in color, however both Ruben and I are afraid to touch the area to see how hard or soft it is. It is very difficult just for either of us to look at it! Ruben has swore to make sure that I take it easy from now on - no more dishes, laundry, or carrying anything heavy until this is all over. He wants to make sure that I don't over-do it again. I couldn't ask for a better husband!

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Bless you, dear. And hugs, lots of them.