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October 15, 2005 - Why is it that......

Gaining weight doesn't hurt (or at least in most cases), but the losing weight part does because of the working out. Well in my case, the gaining also hurts, hurts bad! Last week I went back to Vegas to have the 1st part of my breast reconstruction surgery done. Initially, I did not plan on staying in the hospital after having the expander placed, but once I woke up in the recovery room, forget it! I was in SO much pain afterwards that there was no way in hell I wanted to go home, I needed something serious for pain! I spent most of the afternoon in tears, cause I was in so much pain. Luckily, I saw Dr. Moon (the pain management doc) the day before and explained my situation to him and how the plastic surgeon WOULD NOT give me anything for pain. So the hospital had to make several calls to him before they finally got the pain med combination just right. Unfortunately my stay was at UMC, which is a County Hospital. It definitely was not my pick for the procedure, but my surgeon is a Professor there and I've been told by many that I have THE BEST plastic surgeon in the state of NV. So far I think I have to agree with everything that I have heard about him. It took me 2 months to get in just to see him. When I booked my appointment, the receptionist told me that he was all booked for surgeries until next year. But once we actually saw him and talked to him about my case - how I would have to travel back and forth for the injections, and surgeries - he promised not only to get me in this year, but to have it completed this year. Normally a routine expansion can take around 3 months or more just to stretch the skin to a full size C cup, but he said he'd do it in half the time by doubling up on the amount of my injections. He told me that he would start me off by filling my expander with some saline at the time of surgery - 60 cc's to be exact, and then I would need to fly down to Vegas every 2 weeks for my saline injections to help speed things along and hopefully get me to the 2nd surgery. Now I have no idea how much he will be injecting in me at those times, how long any of this will really take, or how badly it will hurt - All I know is how badly 60 cc's of saline hurt. Of course you say the surgery itself obviously didn't help much, and you're most likely right. All I know is that the first few days were fine. I was doing pretty well, just a little sore, but otherwise feeling well. Then all the sudden, about an hour before getting ready for school on Thursday, it struck me.....this sudden onset of pain in my upper chest and side. My chest and side were HARD, and hurt like nothing you could ever imagine. It hurt to bend over, to reach for anything with my right arm, to touch anything. My right armpit hurt all over again. I woke up Friday to find a big bruise on my chest area. I've been very lucky to have a wonderful husband who has really done his best to help out around the house so I can rest and not do anything to further injure the area. He has helped with grocery shopping, taking Natalie to and from school, keeping us all fed, and the laundry done. He's managed to do all this while working himself and being sick. I spoke with my doctors’ office and was told that most likely I just over did it when I was feeling better, and I agree. I knew there would be some degree of pain, but to be virtually pain-free then revert back was not normal. I think I tried to do too much around the house too fast, which I will have to remember for my next appointment. I go back for my next injection on 10/24. I want to make sure that I don't do this again; I cannot be down for week at a time, especially with how fast moving this all is going to be. At least today I am feeling slightly better, although I still feel lightheaded when I first get up, and like puking on occasion. Aren't you glad I shared? I know TMI.
On with another note, something I forgot to mention earlier - when I spent the night in UMC I had a wonderful roommate who had been in a terrible car accident. Her name was Laurie (hope I spelled it correctly) I forgot her last name, and the name of the construction company she worked for, but my hubby and I spent much time talking with her and her parents. They were wonderful people. She checked on my much of the night (when she was awake - she said it was the 1st night she slept in 2 days or more). She had gorgeous flowers everywhere from her clients wishing her well as she broke her arm & leg in the accident. She had been in some desperate need of contact lens solution, so I had my hubby bring mine in, and upon leaving she gave me one of her big, huge, beautiful bouquets of flowers. Where ever you are Laurie, I hope you are doing well and I think about you daily, as you struggle with your 3 months bed and house rest before you are able to return to work again. Take care and know we are thinking of you!

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