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A Blog Award From Lora

I was awarded by a fellow blogger with the Honest Scrap award!

Lora, an old friend and one of my favorite bloggers, was kind enough to send this my way.

So here are the rules:

1. List 10 honest things about yourself (TRUE and interesting things - not just the color of yours socks!)

2. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers.

Both lists are in no particular order. :)

10. When I was like 10 or so I shoplifted some silly little lip gloss necklace thing that my mom busted me with. She grounded me, took it away and told me that she was going to return it to the store. Years later I found it hiding in this ceramic egg thing she had. All those years she had kept it like it was some kind of keepsake. In fact she never got rid of it until it came time for her to downsize and move to Mexico fall of 2005. I never told her that I knew about her keeping it and I never knew why she had.

9. I've had to learn the hard way on multiple occasions that no one other than yourself or your immediate family can ever be fully trusted. There's always going to be one person that will sell you out, stab you in the back, or wreak some kind of havoc on your life if given the chance.....and sometimes it's your own brother that does it to you. I co-signed on a house for him back in 1996, he lapsed on payments, they foreclosed on the house and he ruined my credit.

8. I know, accept and totally embrace the fact that I am a royal bitch - and if you want to be my friend then you need to accept me for who I am.....I *think* this is why I don't really have any friends. LOL.

7. When I first moved to Hawaii, I was so mad for having to finish my senior year at a new school. I was miserable and hated school so much that I often wrote excuses, signing my mom's name so I could cut class. I never got caught.

6. Even though I used to work as an Accountant, I never actually had my degree. I worked in AR for 4 years, working my way up the ladder when one day I was promoted to fill an opening we had. Though I had taken all of my core classes, and had completed my certification in bookkeeping, once I was promoted I never bothered to go back to complete my remaining credits and get my degree.

5. Every since I saw The Blair Witch Project when I was pregnant with Natalie, I have been too freaked out to watch another scary movie - really. I know, I'm sure I've missed out on some really good ones - and I know Blair Witch wasn't even true or even that scary - but the scene at the end with all the little hand prints freaked me out and scared the shit out of me!

4. I'm a very aggressive, determined person. I always get what I want. It's one of the many traits I received from my mom - and it's not always a good thing!

3. Ruben never actually proposed to me. We found out I was pregnant and went to the store to look at rings. After picking one out and paying for it, I had it on my finger before we even made it to the door. He never got the chance to get down on one knee and ask.

2. Ruben and I had originally started off as friends, we met in an AOL chat room for Vegas locals that would meet twice a week. We had been friends for nearly a year and we had both been dating someone else, when one night in a drunken, jealous, rage I pulled some stupid bimbo I disliked off of him by her hair when she dared to kissed him in front of me. It was in that second that I realized I was in love with him, so I planted a big kiss on him. After that we both knew that things had forever changed. We left the bar and went to the neighboring IHOP where we ate breakfast, and talked about the future of our relationship. Upon leaving, I missed the step of the curb and ate it big time. I had fallen to my knees, ripped my jeans, and was bleeding. I felt like such a dumb ass!

1. When I was about 15, I had a key to my sister's place cause I used to stay over on the weekends and I had spent time there helping her after she had some surgical procedure done. When my sister decided to move in with her boyfriend she forgot to get the key back from me. One Friday night a couple friends and I were bored so we decided to drive out there. I knew she wouldn't be home. We found a bottle of Vodka and nearly drank it all. To make up the difference for what we drank I added water to the bottle. Upon leaving we took the back roads and my friend became car sick. We pulled over so she could throw up, but when we left we came across an icy patch at a stop sign and the car slid through the T intersection landing in a deep, deep ditch. We were miles away from anywhere so we had to walk to the main road, freezing our butts off the whole way. Once we got to the highway, we caught a cab and barely made it back to the mall before my friend's mom arrived to pick us up. No one ever knew what happened that night. I finally fessed up and told my sister about it last year. To this day I have no idea what happened to the car or the guy driving it, but I'm pretty sure his girlfriend broke up with him for wrecking her car!

I know I'm supposed to tag 7 fellow bloggers, but I'm only going to name the few listed below - but feel free to participate if you so desire!

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